Strategic Meetings – What Are They?

Strategic MeetingsStrategic Meetings are receiving a lot of attention on websites and in social media.  So what are they and how are they different from what most companies are currently doing?

In the simplest terms, strategic meetings are meetings that literally change the status quo.  They are specifically designed to align with your business initiatives to produce a measurable change that directly impacts your bottom line.  Regardless of audience, strategic meetings provide knowledge and tools that motivate attendees to take action to achieve specific outcomes.

In today’s economy, most companies don’t have the resources to invest in meetings that don’t produce a measurable return on investment.  The soft goals of celebrate, educate and motivate have been replaced by very specific outcomes like increase sales by 15%, improve margins by 10% and reduce customer defections by 25%.  As a result, planners have evolved from shoppers who source and negotiate to communication strategists, curriculum designers and measurement experts.

This change in skill-sets has even changed the language we use as planners.  Broad words like goals, objectives and engagement have been replaced by measurement-specific language like actionable data, ROI and knowledge retention.

The evolution of meeting planning may be bad news for party planners, administrative assistants and corporate staff that plan meetings part-time, but the end result is good for the industry.  As senior management learns to value meetings and events as strategic tools that have a dramatic impact on their company’s behavior and financial results, strategic meeting planners are becoming valuable assets to their companies.

What a refreshing change from the status quo.

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