Strategic Meeting Planners: An Essential Part of Your Team

Equinox LogoExperienced professionals add value in every field of endeavor, but especially so in the field of meeting and event planning. More than the go-to people for logistics, strategic planners bring a level of knowledge and experience that turns a meeting into a powerful strategic tool for your business. That’s why a strategic meeting planner is an essential member of your marketing team.

The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Strategic Meeting Planner

  1. Strategic Meeting Planners save you money, and not just by negotiating better rates. In a world of cost-justified expenditures, it’s not how much you spend but how well you spend it. Strategic planning ensures that you get the most return for your investment.
  2. Strategic Meeting Planners integrate your key messages. From the chairman’s speech to the themed gift items, your company’s message is imparted through multiple channels.
  3. Strategic Meeting Planners know how to get the job done right.
  4. Strategic Meeting Planners help you coordinate and implement fresh ideas. Many companies get locked into routines or politics. Having an outside expert help you plan your event can avoid the entanglements of corporate politics or “we’ve always done it this way” mantras and break free from tired routines.
  5. Strategic Meeting Planners are experts in their field, and know and understand the nuances of a successful meeting. Whether it’s ensuring that keynote and breakout sessions underscore the meeting’s theme and messages or coordinating multiple locations, meeting planners have the talent, experience and skill to handle it.
  6. Strategic Meeting Planners negotiate on your behalf. Given the volume of business they do with various companies in the industry, they can negotiate more effectively than you can independently.
  7. Those in the industry know the trends, and can incorporate the latest concepts in meeting planning into your event. Perhaps it’s the latest theories in adult education, or perhaps it’s the latest technology for knowledge assessment and retention. Strategic Meeting Planners know the industry trends and can incorporate them appropriately into your event.
  8. Strategic Meeting Planners provide experienced staff. Their staff knows and understands what it takes to run a successful event and has the time (and stamina) to handle registrations and more. Why tie up your staff to do these functions when experienced professionals can do them faster and more effectively?
  9. Strategic Meeting Planners handle disputes so you don’t have to. No one likes conflict, yet with many meetings, something unforeseen happens. A hotel’s air conditioning breaks down. A vendor overcharges for beverages. The list goes on and on. Why take the hassles on yourself when your professional meeting planning firm can do it for you?
  10. Attendees will be more honest with an outside company than with you. If your attendees are your employees, they’ll be more forthright answering surveys or participating in feedback sessions if these are facilitated by an outside firm. Who wants to complain with their boss in the room? Meeting planners offer neutral facilitation that leads to true problem-solving.

Equinox Creative can help you plan an effective meeting, conference or event. Call us at (952) 893-1293 to learn how we can add value to your next strategic event.

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