Stop Wasting Time and Money on Corporate Meetings & Accomplish Something!

Strategic MeetingsA brash statement from someone who makes his living designing corporate meetings, but I’m tired of watching companies hemorrhage money on useless corporate events.  When meetings are poorly planned and executed, they waste precious time and resources.  Worse, they provide no value so employees try to avoid attending whenever possible.  In most companies, it’s like pulling teeth to get people to attend. 

Corporate meetings can and should be opportunities for growth and engines of change, not an endless string of conference rooms, bad PowerPoint, and circular discussions.  There has to be something better.

There is.  It’s called a strategic meeting, and it’s an entirely different beast from those pointless meetings that plague so many companies.

Strategic Meetings: What Are They?

Strategic meetings are meetings that are aligned with your business goals and objectives.  They’re meetings that are held with a stated purpose, and every aspect of the meeting drives towards achieving that purpose.  Strategic meetings provide a measurable return on investment (ROI).

Strategic Meetings Are Game Changers

One of the hallmarks of strategic meetings is their ability to be game-changers.  When your employees participate in strategic meetings, they know that things won’t be the same by the end of the meeting.

Instead of feel-good goals like motivating the staff or increasing teamwork, a strategic meeting sets a quantifiable goal to improve sales by X or Y percent.  The detailed steps to achieve the goals are included so that all participants know, understand and act on the materials presented.  It’s a far cry from the circular conversation and feel-good jargon of the past.

Why You Need Strategic Meetings

Because strategic meetings are from the start intended to accomplish goals, they save both time and money.  They produce measurable business results that translate into bottom-line profits for your company.

So take those anemic feel-good meetings and turn them into profitable engines for your company.  Talk to Equinox Creative today about strategic meeting planning.  You will be surprised at the impact strategic meetings make on productivity, profits, and morale.

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