Step out of the Trade Show Stall

Tips and Tricks for Business Planning Outside the BoxPlanning an internal trade show? Leave those pipe and drape booths and straight rows behind.

Think outside the box –

  • Use stretch fabric on frames or trusswork, it can be pulled into interesting shapes that add depth and interest, especially if lit with interesting light patterns or a soft glow in your company colors
  • Try setting up pedestals or kiosks with small surfaces – you’ll invite people to approach from all sides and take up less space while adding far more interest than a 6-foot table and tabletop display piece
  • Set up a game where employees can compete to earn points with their knowledge of your company and products – throw in a few nonsensical facts for fun
  • Try Speed-Knowledge – if your company is multi-functional, chances are there are departments that know very little about the work other departments do. Set up a series of tables with a representative or two from a specific department. Employees in small groups (up to 5) have a chance to talk to and gain knowledge … ring a bell every 3-5 minutes and progress to the next knowledge center

Small adjustments add large gains if you’re willing to try something new and step outside that stall.

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