Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

The Vernal Equinox has arrived once again, signaling the change of seasons in Minnesota.

Just like the seasons, every business changes and the pace of that change is happening at an alarming rate. What drove your bottom line yesterday probably won’t work today.

For example, many companies have spent the last few years concentrating on streamling processes and reducing expenses in an effort to increase profitability and maintain share price. Today that strategy no longer works. You can only streamline or cut so far before it begins to impact product quality and customer service; a bad recipe for long term stability.

Forward-looking companies are focused on growth. They see the economic climate is slowly improving and understand that it’s a great time to gain new customers and market share from competitors who are still in “ride it out” mode. However, growth in this economy requires a whole different strategy than it did a few years ago.

Customers have changed and they now expect customized products and services that meet their specific needs. They demand personalized service and expect to be treated like they are your most important customer, regardless of who they are talking to.

Growth in today’s marketplace cannot be accomplished by a top-down strategy. It requires a cohesive effort by everyone in the company, from the CEO to accounting, aligned to a strategic plan to meet the needs of the customer. Where strategic initiatives were once the guiding force for the executive committee and a few select managers, they now must define the culture and behavior of the entire company.

So how do smart companies drive this huge shift in culture and create a company that instantly responds to market changes? By learning to communicate strategically through all levels of the company so that everyone not only understands the strategy, but believes that it benefits them on a personal level. Employees don’t change in response to an email from the President or because their company introduces a clever tag line. People only change when their beliefs change as the result of new information and a personal benefit.

If your company is ready to grow, give Equinox Creative a call. We’re experts at strategic communication that drives change, resulting in bottom-line growth and increased profitablity.

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