Event Planning Companies Save Time and Resources

Equinox LogoEvent Planning Companies are often perceived as a superfluous expense that adds little value to a meeting or event.  As a result, they are one of the first things eliminated when budgets need to be reduced.

On the surface, it seems like an easy call, “Why pay $50,000 to an outside company to plan our meeting when we can do it ourselves for free?”  “They don’t know our business or culture.  Let’s have the marketing team plan the meeting.”  “Jill’s admin isn’t very busy right now, she can make some calls.”  Regardless of how it’s said, the underlying belief is that planning an event is simply shopping for a good room rate and arranging food and AV with the hotel.

Professional Meeting and Event Planners

There was a time when the idea that meeting planning was simply managing logistics was fairly accurate, but that’s no longer the case.  Today’s planners are savvy professionals with a wide range of skills and experience.  From venue selection and contract negotiations to post-event ROI calculations, professional planners are experts on strategic planning, adult learning, negotiating and financial management.  They plan dozens of events each year and maintain the same level of professional standards as your attorney, realtor or dentist.  They bring a level of experience and expertise that is far beyond the abilities of non-professional planners.

Professional Planners Think Strategically

In today’s cost-justified world, meetings and events are powerful strategic tools that significantly impact a company or association.  They represent a significant investment of time and resources, and stakeholders expect a return on their investment.

Event planning companies understand business and the value of events in a corporate business strategy.  They recognize that the success of their business relies on the success of your business.  They think strategically and are as comfortable in the C-suite as they are in the back halls of a hotel.

Professional Planners Save Money

The professional planners at event planning companies negotiate dozens of contracts every year.  They think beyond room rate to negotiate the most beneficial deals available.  They know how venues and suppliers make money and where they have flexibility.  That knowledge allows them to create win-win situations where you receive discounts and concessions that less experienced planners might not be aware of; impacting your purchasing power and bottom line.  In some cases, those savings more than offset the cost of their services.

Professional Planners Save Time

Every minute your staff spends planning your meeting is a minute they are not using their true expertise to benefit your company or association.  In addition, most planning tasks take more time because they don’t have the processes and tools to do them efficiently.  The end result is that they are forced to spend more time to produce less while ignoring their core responsibilities.  That means lost opportunity costs that can have a negative impact on your business.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

You would never hire your bartender to fix your car or go to your mechanic when you are sick, so why entrust your events to a non-professional planner.  In a business climate where every cost is scrutinized, the risk is simply too great – to your brand and to your stakeholders.

When considering your next event, consider the professional planners at an event planning company.  You will be surprised how effective your meeting can be without significant cost increases and how well you will sleep knowing your event is in the hands of trained professionals.

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