Event Planners vs. Meeting Planners

t621122222Are Event Planners the same as Meeting Planners?  There is often confusion about the difference between these terms, yet many people (including myself) use them interchangeably.  For most people the difference in terminology really doesn’t matter, but for those who care I’ll try to clarify.

Events are any kind of organized occasion.  It is a broad term that encompasses everything from a birthday party to the Super Bowl.  Meetings are a sub-set of Events, as are Trade Shows.  Therefore, meetings are events but events are not necessarily meetings.

To further muddy the waters, there is another category called Special Events.  Special Events covers a broad range of activities including weddings, corporate parties and social events, recognition events, special interest events (bridal shows, public trade shows, etc.), private social events and civic events.  Special events typically take place over a short time frame, from a few hours to a day.  Special Events rarely take place over multiple days.

To summarize, the term Event covers a broad range of activities, including Meetings, Trade Shows and Special Events.  Each of these is a sub-set of Events.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, maybe I’ll just keep describing myself as a Meeting and Event Planner.

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