Corporate Event Planning Drives Business Results

Spare 1Corporate event planning may be one of the most under-utilized (and misunderstood) strategic tools in corporate America.  While many think of corporate events as a necessary expense with little return, a well planned event is a powerful tool that will help a company reach its business objectives.

It is a business axiom that personal relationships remain the foundation of business success and people prefer to do business with people they know.  Unfortunately, our reliance on technology has reduced our ability to build the relationships that directly impact sales, communication and motivation.

Events Build Relationships

In an increasingly impersonal and numbers-driven business environment, corporate events provide a unique opportunity to build face- to-face relationships with customers, employees and suppliers, regardless of the event format.  Yet the full potential of that opportunity is seldom realized due to a lack of understanding by corporate decision-makers or a lack of experience by corporate event planners.

It’s About Communication

At their core, most corporate events are communication events.  They require measurable objectives, clear messaging and effective strategies to deliver them to that specific audience.  Regrettably, few companies focus on the strategic content of their event until the last minute, preferring to base the structure and format on logistical or budgetary requirements without regard for the desired outcomes of the event.  As a result, the logistical elements of the event may not support the strategic and communication objectives of the event.

Effective Corporate Events

Corporate event planning must integrate both strategic and tactical elements to create a truly effective event.  It requires a clear understanding of the business goals of the event and how they support the business initiatives of the company.  That strategic approach, supported by experienced logistical planning, enables the organization to realize the true value of a live event and directly impact the business of the company.

If your corporate event planning doesn’t incorporate both strategic and tactical expertise, you aren’t getting full value for your investment.  Corporate events can be powerful tools if you invest the time and resources to make them effective.  If you are doing exactly the same event you did last year, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your tools and see if they need sharpening.

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