Strategic communication that connects you to your audience

Content development to reach your audienceStrategic communication is at the heart of every live meeting and event. Your ROI is determined by how effectively you define and deliver your message to your specific audience. Equinox Creative is a thought leader in the meeting and event planning field; we apply strategic thought to help you determine what your audience really needs – and then deliver it.

In our content development sessions, we help you:

  • Identify overall business objectives
  • Clearly articulate messaging
  • Deliver the measurable results you expect

We’ll help you determine how to:

  • Ensure your live meeting or event is aligned with your corporate strategic plan
  • Integrate face-to-face communication with other message distribution channels
  • Continually reinforce key messages throughout your function
  • Get your message heard despite different learning styles and varying audience demographics
  • Select the type of event best suited to your specific issues and audiences

Content in a variety of mediumsWe’ll provide a full range of logistical support should you need it.

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