Conference Planning and Logistics that maximize your investment

Planning a Conference ConcertConference planning and logistics is a constantly changing landscape as hotels and suppliers try to increase profitability in a volatile market. Yesterday’s bargains are today’s profit centers and negotiating deals has never been more complex.

At Equinox Creative, conference planning is our full time job so we stay on top of industry changes and negotiating tactics. We have long-term, trust-based relationships with major hotel chains, suppliers and people that you need for a successful conference; and we know how to maximize the purchasing power of your budget.

Our conference planners are seasoned negotiators with many years of industry experience to help you:

  • Create unique events with limited resources
  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction
  • Negotiate advantageous pricing and favourable contracts
  • Avoid expensive contract clauses
  • Eliminate waste

Conference LogisticsDon’t take chances with your valuable resources by trusting inexperienced or part-time planners. Let the experts at Equinox Creative maximize your purchasing power and protect your attendee experience.

Get value-based meeting and event planning. Call us toll free at 888-880-1293 and speak to Michael Vennerstrom, President and Principal.