Why Hire a Professional Event Planner?

Meeting PlanningSomewhere in corporate America today, an administrative assistant’s workload just got heavier thanks to someone’s bright idea. “I know, let’s save money this year and have an Admin plan our corporate meeting!”

Your admin is probably quite capable of booking meeting space, securing equipment and purchasing food and beverages. However, planning an effective meeting is more than a shopping trip to a local hotel. Booking the meeting room and handling meeting logistics is just one small step among many steps that create meetings with lasting impact.

Professional event planners understand there’s more to planning than making sure there’s enough coffee and cookies for the 3 p.m. snack break. Their goal is to ensure that your meeting aligns with your company’s strategic objectives. Every activity at the meeting or event, no matter how big or how small, should help your company achieve its business goals and provide a return on your investment (ROI).

Professional Event Planners Align Meetings with Strategic Objectives

Meeting professionals are, first and foremost, strategic business managers. A good planner understands budgets, sales and marketing goals, and business objectives. They work alongside your senior staff to set realistic goals, outline the vision, and determine the best activities and events to help your company achieve its goal. The result is a powerful experience for participants. Strategic meetings and events reset the existing paradigm and inspire positive change that aligns with your goals.

Tap Into Their Network

People who have been active in their profession for many years tend to develop extensive networks of contacts. Meeting and event planners often have long-standing relationships with vendors, consultants and freelancers who can add value without straining your budget. Professionals know how to maximize purchasing power. By working with a professional meeting and event planner, you can tap into their network and enhance your meetings through their existing relationships. It saves time and money.

Professionals can also custom-design solutions. This is especially useful when you have an unusual or unique request. It may be difficult for someone outside of the industry to know where to go to fulfill such a request, but professional meeting planners can usually create solutions with ease. It’s the ease that comes with experience.

The Right Person for the Job

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix an electrical outlet or a mechanic to perform surgery, so why ask your administrative assistant to plan the company’s annual sales meeting, or the company-hosted industry conference? The administrative assistant’s skill set is vastly different from a meeting and event planner. Instead of squashing a square peg into a round hole, why not put the right people in the right jobs?

A professional meeting and event planner can help you achieve your meeting objectives smoothly and efficiently. You’ll save time and money while creating a more effective event. Instead of adding yet one more task onto your admin’s plate this year, give Equinox Creative a call@ 952-893-1293.


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