Meetings are strategic tools that should impact your bottom line

Meeting Planners Focused on Effective Strategic Communication

The meeting planners at Equinox Creative turn live meetings into powerful strategic tools that impact your bottom line.

How effective are your meetings? Do they achieve the goals you set for them, or do people leave and go back to their old beliefs and behaviors?

Meetings today represent a large investment of time and resources and cannot be merely feel-good get-togethers. Today's savvy company leaders understand that meetings are potent strategic tools that must align with your business plan and provide significant return on your investment (ROI).

Equinox Creative combines strategic insight and planning with flawless tactical execution to change behavior and drive business results.

Corporate Meetings Should Deliver Results

Event Planning Companies Rarely Understand Your Business

Most event planning companies' focus is on the logistics of meeting planning. The planners at Equinox Creative provide a much more integrated approach that combines a thorough understanding of your business needs with experienced logistical expertise. We provide:

  • Corporate meeting planning that advances your business strategy
  • Real strategies for transforming your business culture through live events
  • Trade show management that advances your brand and facilitates long-term exhibition-attendance relationships
  • Flawless tactical and logistical execution for a stress-free event experience
  • Flexible approach to handle events of all sizes with experience and creativity
  • Measurement that effectively demonstrates the real return on your investment

Conference management should be more than securing hotel space, food and beverages. Effective planning ensures that you achieve your business objectives, inspire and motivate employees, and engage key stakeholders while providing an exceptional event experience. That's the value of strategic meeting coordination and execution.

Contact Equinox Creative or call 952-893-1293 today to experience the value of a true business partner.

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Listen to what one of our recent clients has to say about working with Equinox Creative.

Equinox worked with us on the way the meetings were structured and assisted our presenters on the way in which they were presented. Not only were the changes in the meeting format positively received by the sales force, but the sales impact from the products introduced have all met the forecasts."

- General Manager, Graco